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Elastic Medical Postoperative Binder For Men And Women. BeFit24 9901 Soft

Support of abdominal muscles after surgery, hernia treatment, kidney drop. Recommended for women in postnatal period in order to regain the shape of abdominal muscles.

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For treatment of various diseases: lumbosacral radiculitis and radiculopathies, lumbodynias, ischialgias, neuralgias, for uncomplicated discal hernias, myofascial pains and intervertebral osteochondrosis. For compressive therapy of the chronic fatigue syndrome and diseases of internal organs: kidneys and heart (hypotonia). At pre-and post-operation periods: to reduce the rehabilitation period after traumas and operations on the lumbosacral spine. In prophylactic purposes: for prophylaxis of complications and neurological disturbances in case of lumbosacral radiculopathies, neuralgias; to prevent work-related diseases for people having the continuous static and dynamic load on the lumbosacral spine and the possibility of frigorism, as well as when working in a cold environment.

Composition: polyamide – 50%, polyurethane foam – 20%, latex – 18%, cotton – 12%.

Velcro fastener. Nonelastic front detail of belt, duplicated cotton.

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