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Hållninsgssele för barn med mjuka och vadderade rem. BeFit24 Soft

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Designad för att skapa rätt rygghållning och axelhållning samt förebygger ryggmärgsböjning. De specialutvecklade mjuka vadderade remmen gör det enkelt att bära den.

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Choosing the right size: To choose the right size, measure the chest circumference under the armpits (in the upper part of your chest) and then select the size from the table on the packaging.

Putting the product on: Put the figure 8 clavicle splint on your shoulders. For the first time, the product may be put on with the assistance of another person who will adjust the force pulling the shoulders towards the back with the use of the Velcro adjustment or you can do it yourself.
To take the product off, you can unfasten the Velcro on one side. Before putting it on again, fasten the Velcro according to the previously marked distances.

Do not wear the product directly on wounds or damaged skin.

Storage: In original packaging, in dry conditions, away from sunlight.

Washing instruction: Wash by hand in 40°C using mild washing agents, e.g. for washing wool. Do not let the product get very dirty! Do not iron! Do not chlorinate!

Important information: Consult your doctor before using the product.
It is recommended to do the basic set of rehabilitation exercises when wearing the product. Wearing the product constantly without doing exercises may lead to weakening of the muscles.

Composition: cotton 40%,  polyurethane foam 40%, polyamide 10%, polypropylen 10%.

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