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Kidney Warmer Belt (Black Edition Wool), for Men and Women, Black

Kidney Warmer Belt (Black Edition Wool), for Men and Women, Black

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Provides protection of kidneys, lower back, hips and abdomen from hypothermia and drafts.

Prevention of radiculitis and infectious diseases during daily routine and indoor and outdoor activities.

The belt maintains your natural body temperature, warms and dries quickly, does not scratch or sweat.

Class 1 medical device. Made in Europe. Invisible under clothes.

Gently hand wash (30°C) with a mild detergent. Do not wring or iron! Air dry only!

Material: 38% cotton, 27% polyacrylic, 15% latex, 12% sheep's wool, 8% polyester.

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Size Guide

Step 1: Take the correct belt measurement while in underwear, without extra clothes.

Step 2: Take measurements on the level of the waist circumference.

Size 1 – 60-67 cm

Size 2 - 67-75 cm

Size 3 - 75-81 cm

Size 4 - 81-87 cm

Size 5 - 87-98 cm

Size 6 - 98-109 cm

Size 7 - 109-120 cm

Size 8 - 120-137 cm

Step 3: Wear the belt on underwear to prevent skin chafing and irritation.

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