About us

BeFit24 - Products Designed with Your Needs in Mind.

Since 2013, we have gained a great deal of experience in the design and production of orthopedic products.

Each of our products undergoes real testing by tests that our consumers recommend us to pass.

It's very cool to be on the testing team with the consumer.
Even without knowing what the final version of the product will be, we are already starting to introduce new details, improve characteristics, or, on the contrary, remove unnecessary things in order to get the desired result.
We've tested warming belts in the Alps and exposed them to wet, windy conditions, and cyclists and motorcyclists in Germany and Austria have tested the effect of keeping their lower back and kidneys warm on high-speed autobahns and forest trails.
Groin hernia belts were tested in medical centers, men from different professions and areas of life sent us their reviews with texts of gratitude and photographs with notes indicating weak points of the inguinal hernia belt that need to be improved.
This is perhaps the best thing in the business when you understand that we made someone happier, that our work brought joy to a person, when, despite the pain, he was able to spend a joyful weekend with his family, or when an athlete thanks for the absence of pain in training.
But the most interesting experience we gained was creating posture correctors for children, when we realized that it was almost impossible to force children to wear a corrector - we were the first to create correctors with removable Emoji emoticons.
It was a big hit in the market, kids were changing Emojis and showing off them at school.
As you can see, we have a very narrow specialization and a specific approach to business, we do not produce products for the mass market, you cannot find us in pharmacies and stores, but this is what gives us the opportunity to create small and high-quality handmade batches.
Most of the production is spent on the needs of regular customers, but we always make a small supply for our new customers.
We are open to new ideas, innovations, feedback and comments on products.
For any questions, do not hesitate to write to us at contact@befit24.eu