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Kompresijas Zeķubikses Sievietēm, MmHg 18-21 MmHg, 90 Den. BeFit24 0404NL


Šīs zeķubikses ir ideāli piemērotas lidojumiem un ceļojumiem! Paredzēta DVT, varikozu vēnu un vēnu tīklojuma profilaksei, kā arī lai mazinātu pietūkumu! Ja jūsu kājas mēdz sapampt lidojumu un ceļojumu laikā vai dienas beigās, šīs zeķubikses ir tieši priekš jums! Sastāvs: poliamīds - 80%, likra - 20%.

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VARICOSE VEIN AND OTHER CONDITIONS SUPPORT: similar to medical-grade compression socks, stockings, and leggings, Befit24 pressure tights help prevent and relieve minor to moderate varicose and spider veins, and deep vein thrombosis (DVT). Now you can spend as much time on your feet as you want without any pain!

LEGS, ANKLES, KNEE AND FEET PAIN RELIEF: your legs, calves or feet are getting puffy and swollen during or after pregnancy or from standing and walking for a long time? Put this pantyhose on and notice significant swelling reduction from day one. Helps with bad circulation, leg soreness and tightness. No more muscle fatigue, aching, swelling or discomfort even after going out all day walking. It's possible to have 'normal' legs!

FLIGHT & TRAVEL SUPPORT: do you travel often and take long haul flights? Prevent your legs from getting swollen and tired, and ensure effective blood circulation when flying or travelling. Don't let the pain screw up your adventure!

PREGNANCY AND MATERNITY TIGHTS: pregnant ladies and happy mothers know what kind of consequences they have when they expect or already delivered a baby. Hormonal changes and weight gain may lead to water retention in the legs during pregnancy. Having Befit24 graduated compression pantyhose on will improve circulation in your legs preventing swellings!

MAKE LEGS LOOK SLIMMER: don't feel confident enough to put a dress or skirt on? Not anymore! This breathable leg shaper is figure-hugging and comfortable to wear. No tugging, no sagging, no discomfort, and not overly warm. Feels gentle on the skin and prevents irritation or itching. It will instantly give you a slim look! Put this hosiery on to gain confidence and dress the way you want and not the way you have to!

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