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Anti Snoring Chin Strap For Women [SN-1]

Recommended for a deeper & sounder sleep. Designed to hold your jaw firmly in a natural, healthy and simple way. Machine washable and great durability. Fits all head sizes. Prevents dry mouth. Breathable material. Composition: lower layer - cotton 100%; upper layer - polyurethane 50%, cotton 30%, polyamide 20%. European quality.
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Unfortunately, snoring is not uncommon, and even women are affected. And this very unpleasant phenomenon negatively impacts your sleep and dries your mouth out. Why not try this anti snoring chin strap for women to fix this problem?

  • Anti snoring chin strap keeps your mouth closed during the night,
  • Prevents the dryness of your mouth,
  • Improves the quality of your sleep,
  • Universal anti snoring strap suitable for all head sizes,
  • Comfortable and modern chin strap for women,
  • Lower layer composed of 100% of cotton,
  • Upper layer made of CE-certified 50% of polyurethane, 30% of cotton and 20% of polyamide.

Finally, improve the quality of your sleep and your loved ones’ for invigorating nights and days full of energy!

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