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Umbilical Hernia Belt For Baby [0511D-01]

Delicate and soft silicone insert provides gentle and gradual pressure on baby's umbilical hernia. Insert is removable. Suitable for pre and post-operative care and pain relief. Help in overall health improvement and umbilical hernia recurrence prevention. Contains no chemicals. Odor-free. Entirely manufactured in Europe.
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Because we all want the best for our babies, it is good to take care of their health from their youngest age. And from birth, it is not uncommon to notice the appearance of an umbilical hernia. In this case, the intestine is slightly externalized at the navel, forming an unsightly protrusion. Fortunately, this umbilical hernia belt for baby is made to prevent this phenomenon.

  • Composed of a removable silicone insert to gently put pressure on the navel,
  • One size fits all unisex black umbilical hernia belt,
  • Comfortable and adjustable,
  • Prevents and attenuates umbilical hernia,
  • Umbilical hernia belt composed of CE-certified 80% of polyurethane foam, 10% of polyamide and 10% of cotton,
  • Non-irritating, non-toxic and odor-free hernia belt for babies suitable for sensitive skins.

Do not hesitate to choose this highly qualitative and soft umbilical hernia belt to prevent the appearance of an umbilical hernia in the baby!