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Umbilical Hernia Belt [0511-01]

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Adaptive and mobile silicone insert provides gentle and gradual pressure on umbilical hernia. Insert is removable. Suitable for pre and post-operative care and pain relief. Helps in overall health improvement and umbilical hernia recurrence prevention. Contains no chemicals. Odor-free. Entirely manufactured in Europe.
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While umbilical hernia is not dangerous, it may be harmful, it is inelegant and can be a cause of shame for many people. And yet, this phenomenon is quite common! However, there is no fatality. Thus, to relieve yourself in case of pain or alleviate such a hernia, why not choose an umbilical hernia belt?

  • Stretch black model ideal to fit all the morphologies,
  • Non-irritating, non-toxic and odor-free unisex hernia belt wearable even on sensitive skins,
  • Composed of a removable silicone insert that gently presses your navel,
  • Adapted for a daily use to prevent you from suffering or help your navel to recover its normal appearance,
  • Comfortable and easy to wash,
  • Umbilical hernia belt composed of CE-certified and durable components,
  • Tested on humans for a maximum efficiency.

Accept your body again and enjoy life thanks to this adjustable umbilical hernia belt!