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Toeless Hospital Thrombosis Stockings, 13-18 MmHg [PT0404H]

Improve blood flow, reduce swelling and pain. Recommended for the prevention of DVT. Used before, during and after operation. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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Thrombosis is the consequence of venous insufficiency. Favourable to the appearance of clots, threatening to generate a pulmonary embolism, this concern can be efficiently fought with the help of toeless hospital thrombosis stockings. This model is indeed designed for people who have undergone surgery to improve their blood circulation and prevent thrombosis from reoccurring.

  • This open toe hospital thrombosis pressure stockings prevents blood clotting,
  • Allows the blood to circulate even after surgery even if you can't walk,
  • Soft and breathing texture,
  • Toeless hospital thrombosis stockings to prevent the compression of your toes,
  • Comfortable to wear before, during and after thrombose operation,
  • White hospital anti thrombosis stockings composed of CE-certified materials.

These open toe hospital thrombosis compression stockings are indeed ideal if you want to prevent the formation of blood clots, and thus pulmonary embolism. Created to support you before, during and after thrombosis operation, these stockings are a pledge of well-being.