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Terms and Conditions

By ordering products at customer accepts the following conditions:

Placing an order

Upon placing an order the customer will receive an invoice which is the confirmation of the order. By sending the invoice the contract between BeFit24 Ltd and customer is concluded.

With this contract BeFit24, Ltd. will take the responsibility to deliver ordered products under agreed conditions and the client is taking the responsibility to pay for the products in agreed amount and time.

The client has to pay for the ordered products. If payment will not be received on agreed time BeFit24 Ltd. will consider this as a relevant violation of the contract and will resign from the transaction.

Ordered products will be sent to the customer only if the payment has been made in the agreed time and under agreed conditions.

Cancelling an Order

If the customer fails to make the payment in agreed time and manner (the money has not been transferred to bank or PayPal account of BeFit24.Ltd) BeFit24 Ltd. can withdraw from the contract without informing the client.