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Strap Arm Sling - One Size. BeFit24 0210


Upper limb paresis, e.g. after a stroke. May be used as a dressing for supporting the plaster cast, after removing the plaster cast, during rehabilitation and may be used as a temporary dressing in the case of forearm bone fracture or dislocation of the elbow joint.

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Choosing the right size:

The product is manufactured in one universal size with an option to make individual adjustments.

Putting the product on:

There are two ways of putting the product on:

1. Put the strap arm sling over your neck and insert the forearm in the sling’s openings. 

Use the Velcro to adjust the strap arm sling’s length to find your individual fit.

2. Insert your forearm in the sling’s opening, put the sling’s strap at the back (over your back, neck and the second shoulder) and then insert your forearm at the front in the second opening of the sling. 

Use the Velcro to adjust the strap arm sling’s length to find your individual fit.


In the original package, in room temperature and in a dry and dark place.

Washing instruction:

Before washing, fasten the Velcro to prevent catching on of the product.

Important information:

Consult your doctor before using the product.

It is not recommended to wear the product 24 hours a day.

Do not wear the product directly on wounds, damaged skin or skin affected by a disease.     

Lack of daily personal hygiene or improper product maintenance may cause skin abrasions, allergic reactions associated with increased sweating and development of bacterial flora. 

In the case of acute pain or skin irritation while wearing the product, immediately take it off and consult your doctor.