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Premium Elastic Sports Lower Back Warmer [C-740]

Recommended to wear during fitness, crossfit, aerobics, workout, body flex, skiing, yoga, pilates, shaping, TRX training, exercising, running, jogging, walking and other sports. Keep your back muscles warm and dramatically reduce chances of getting injured. Composition: cotton - 38%, acrylic - 27%, latex - 15%, sheep wool - 12%, polyester - 8%. European quality.
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If you have a dynamic lifestyle, it is wise to preserve your back. So why not think about a premium elastic sports lower back warmer? Indeed, one of the biggest fears of athletes is getting injured. Because injury means interruption of training, which can have dramatic consequences on performance. And to hinder injuries, there is no such thing as heat! Take a look at this elastic sports warmer and protect your back.

  • Ideal for athletes who practise ski, fitness, running, walking or even for example gymnastics, aerobics and crossfit,
  • Composed of CE-certified 38% of cotton, 27% of acrylic, 15% of latex, 12% of sheep wool and 8% of polyester,
  • Lower back warmer breathable thanks to its complex mix of materials,
  • Unisex black elastic belt fitting all shapes,
  • Absorbs and evacuates your perspiration for maximum well-being and dryness during your activities,
  • Lower back warming belt made for athletes and people who have to carry heavy loads or bend a lot in their work,
  • Enables preventing injuries.

So don't jeopardize your back. Instead, choose comfort and safety with this elastic lower back warmer! Invisible, comfortable and warming, it is indeed a guarantee of absolute well-being.