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Sports Knee Support Sleeves [C-350] - 2 Units

Recommended for jumpers, dancers, runners, hikers, golfers, and other athletes to wear BeFit24 knee sleeve during weight lifting, power lifting, crossfit, squats, fitness, kick boxing, lifting, workout, wrestling, dancing, skiing, biking, exercises, hiking, cycling, running, jogging, motocross, bowling, horse riding, rugby, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, gymnastics, tennis, volleyball, soccer, football, gym and other sports. Protect your knees from potential injuries. Reduce pain and swelling around the joints. Great for patella and meniscus post operation rehabilitation and knee pain relief. Promotes better blood flow to accelerate post op recovery of tendonitis, bursitis, arthritis, osteoarthritis, osteoporosis, sprains and strains. Made in Europe.
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In case of sprain, tendinitis, fracture, painful knee, or simply to practise sports without injuring yourself, these stretch sports knee support sleeves are very effective. Both comfortable and tight, they'll hold your knees in place no matter what you do.

  • Reduces blood flow in case of a swollen knee,
  • Medical support sleeves limiting the risks of sports injuries,
  • Helps you heal quickly in case of a knee injury,
  • Also perfect if you have had meniscus surgery,
  • Stretch unisex black sport knee support sleeves available in many sizes,
  • Composed of CE-certified organic cotton,
  • A tested on humans and approved by doctors product.

If you like hiking, cycling, running or any other type of sport involving a risk to get micro-trauma for your knees, don't hesitate to get these therapeutic tight support sleeves. Comfortable, durable and effective, they will help you keep your knees healthy.