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Medical Grade Sports Ankle Compression Socks, 18-21 MmHg, Class 1 [0406]

Perfect for people with an active and healthy lifestyle: for work, travel, recreation. Graduated compression, microfibre, antibacterial effect, thermal regulation. Available in yellow, green and pink colors. Unisex - suitable for men and women. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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To practice your favorite activities, it is important for you to have good ankle support socks. Indeed, thanks to this product, you will reduce the risk of injury while increasing your comfort. Modern, breathable, durable and comfortable, they are a privileged asset to boost your performance in complete safety! Rely on their quality characteristics.

  • Breathable, prevent unpleasant odors and regulate your body temperature during your activities,
  • Absorb shocks and minimize possible trauma on the heels,
  • Promote your blood circulation,
  • Very comfortable and allow a good oxygenation and a faster excretion of lactic acid,
  • Modern ankle compression socks available in yellow, green and purple,
  • Class 1 medical grade sports ankle compression socks with a strech 18-21 MmHg matrix,
  • Medical sports compression socks made in Europe with CE-certified non-irritating and non-toxic components

If you are an active person or need to ensure good blood circulation in your feet, do not hesitate to opt for these medical grade sports ankle socks!