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Shoulder Immobiliser Sling [0222]

Healing and completing the healing of traumas and injuries of the shoulder joint, acromioclavicular joint and elbow joint. After traumas to the bony structures of the pectoral girdle and the upper limb. In case of acute pain syndromes of the shoulder joint or inflammatory states and degenerative changes of the shoulder joint, pectoral girdle and upper limb. After orthopaedic surgery/ neurosurgery, during post-operative/ post-traumatic rehabilitation, in treatment of rheumatological/ neurological changes. Self-fastening properties and provides a wide adjustment range. European quality.
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If you have shoulder or elbow problems, needing to immobilize your arm, this shoulder immobiliser sling is thus a perfect choice. Not only will it help you heal after a fracture, sprain or injury of any kind, but it is also a reliable and durable product.

  • Shoulder immobiliser sling ideal in a pre- or post-surgery period,
  • Black medical immobiliser sling can be used all along your remission process for a quicker and better healing,
  • Perfectly adjustable in height thanks to Velcro straps,
  • Unisex black qualitative shoulder sling,
  • Composed of CE-certified, non-toxic and non-irritating materials.

Comfortable, sturdy and adjustable, this medical immobiliser sling will keep your arm and shoulder securely in place every day!