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Seamless Wrist Support Band [0309] - 2 Units

Strengthens the ligament system of the wrist. Helps with early rehabilitation of the joint after fractures, operations and injuries. Prevents injuries and overstressing of the wrist joint. Available in black and nude colors. 2 pieces in packaging. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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Holding your wrists securely in place is very important not only if your activity strains your body a lot, but also if they are fragile. However, it is always unpleasant to be bothered by itching materials. These seamless wrist support bands are ideal for effective and worry-free support!

  • Seamless wrist support bands,
  • Discreet nude or black bands for playing sports without risks,
  • Prevent wrist injuries, maintain them if they are weak, and efficiently support you in a pre- or post-surgery context,
  • Ideal for yoga, volleyball, handball, tennis or for example hockey,
  • Easy to wash,
  • Composed of sustainable and CE-certified materials.

These stretch seamless support bands will give you the impression of having a second skin and strengthen your wrists weakened by sprains or injuries!