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Abdominal Binder For Women. BeFit24 C9901

The belt helps to restore the tone of the abdomen faster and get you into your pre-pregnancy shape in no time after C-section (cesarean) or natural baby birth. Recommended after tummy tuck, liposuction, hysterectomy, hernia and kidney operations.

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BeFit24 Abdominal Support Binder Will Give You The Support You Need & Deserve!

Are you looking for a belt that can provide adequate abdominal support after harsh surgeries or a C-section? Then the BeFit24 Abdominal Support Binder is what you are looking for!

This abdominal support belt was created to provide effective support at a reasonable price. If you want to recover with less pain and stress, then this product will fit your needs perfectly.

It will help you get out of bed, walk and move after surgery without jeopardizing your health or risk of getting severely injured!

Why This Abdominal Support Binder Is The Best One You Could Ever Use:

  • The Velcro strap closes securely so you don't have to constantly readjust it!
  • Durable design ensures a long period of excellent use! It can also offer back support, hernia relief and lumbar stabilization!
  • It's not only incredibly comfortable to wear but it can also shorten rehabilitation periods after operations in the abdominal area!
  • It allows for faster recovery, while also helping you move with confidence and reducing pain!
  • When you use this abdominal support binder, you will see the difference from the first moment out of bed!

Composition (Beige): cotton - 40%, acrylic - 37%, lycra - 12%, polyester - 11%.

Composition (Black and White): cotton - 38%, acrylic - 38%, latex - 16%, polyester - 8%.