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Prenatal And Postpartum Maternity Belt For Pregnancy Support And Recovery. BeFit24 PMB


Recommended for pregnant women in the second half of the pregnancy. The brace supports the abdomen and reduces on the back exerted load. It also distributes the weight on the back evenly and prevents from back pain and muscle strain, helps to adjust posture and does not restrict active range of motion. Composition: cotton - 35%, acrylic - 29%, lycra - 20%, polyester - 16%.

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  • SUPPORT FOR YOUR BELLY: As your tummy grows, your tender muscles need to be supported to avoid over-extension, discomfort and postnatal hip and joint issues. Similar to maternity corset, splint, strap, girdle, wrap, vest or bandage, this special medical grade belly band supports your back thereby helping future mother to move comfortably throughout the pregnancy.
  • ENHANCES PAIN RELIEF: Our pregnancy abdominal support wrap is intended to relieve pelvic muscle fatigue, prevent uterine prolapsed and also reduce spinal pressure in the lumbar area. If you suffer from SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) or PGP (Pelvic Girdle Pain), then this sacroiliac belt can help to support the stomach and take some pressure off the pelvis. It can also be used as prenatal and post natal posture corrector.
  • EASE POSTNATAL RECOVERY: The lightweight and adjustable pregnancy supportive belt corrects poor posture and also promotes proper spinal alignment after delivery. It can also be used as C-section binder after baby birth to recover faster.
  • POSTPARTUM BODY SHAPING: This slimming supporting shapewear is effective in reducing waist size for ladies. Wear the shaper after natural birth or csection to get back in shape quickly.