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Premium Kidney Warmer [C-9509]

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Prevents back and kidneys from draughts during the cold winter season. Can be used for the prevention and treatment of lumbosacral radiculitis and radiculopathies, degenerative disk disease and lumbago, relieve sciatica pain. Composition: cotton - 43%, sheep wool - 33%, polyester - 14 %, latex - 10%. European quality.
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Due to an increasingly sedentary and stressful lifestyle, kidney problems are affecting more and more people. And if exercise or surgery are preferred solution to deal with these issues, there is also a set of quality mechanisms made to relieve you. In this context, a premium kidney warmer is much appreciated.

  • A kidney warming belt to deal with sciatica, pain, lumbago, degenerative disk disease, lumbosacral radiculitis or radiculopathies without necessarily having to choose surgery
  • A comfortable kidney warmer made of CE-certified and high quality 43% of cotton, 33% of sheep wool, 14% of polyester and 10% of latex
  • Unisex premium warmer available in pink, beige, black and white or blue
  • Sustainable belt to be comfortably worn whatever the season
  • Supports the lower dorsal muscles to relieve pain

If you have back or kidney problems or want to avoid them, then this sciatica belt is made for you. Available in different sizes and colors. There is a model that will perfectly suit you and can be worn on a daily basis!