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Premium Graduated Compression Tights For Women, 23-32 MmHg, Class 2 [0404_2]

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Highest quality, premium class compression tights. Elegant, stylish and very durable. Tighter around ankle and looser as they move up the leg. Help improve circulation & minimize swelling (reduces risk of DVT, blood clots and varicose veins). Relieve tired, aching legs and feet & reduce muscle fatigue. Recommended for early venous insufficiency. Provide leg support for everyday activities, in pre- and post-operative period. Contain no chemicals. Odour-free. Entirely manufactured in Europe. Colors are specially designed to cover up veins and any other imperfections of skin. Composition: polyamide 61%, elastane 39%.
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Are you dreaming of facilitating your blood circulation without feeling totally oppressed? If yes, then these moderate support compression tights are made for you. Guaranteeing optimal support and comfort as well as a perfect opacity to hide your imperfections, these discreet compression tights for men and women are an essential ally under all your clothes. In summer with your dresses or shorts, in winter under pants or under a jogging suit to bask at home, let’s say goodbye to your painful or heavy legs!

  • Graduated compression tights made to prevent you from varicose veins, blood clots or even thrombosis,
  • Can be used before and after surgery,
  • Highly comfortable compression tights for men and women,
  • Available in opaque black and beige to be worn under all kind of clothes,
  • Easy to wash model, ideal not only for travels but also at work and in your everyday life,
  • CE-marked compression tights composed of non-irritating and non-toxic 61% of polyamide and 39% of elastane.

Relieve your legs on a daily basis with these moderate support compression tights, which will simply make you feel like as if you had a second skin!