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Premium Graduated Compression Tights For Women, 15-21 MmHg, Class 1 [0404_1]

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Top quality, premium compression tights. Elegant, stylish and very durable. Graduated compression. Help with improving circulation & minimizing swelling. Relieve for tired, aching legs and feet. Recommended for early venous insufficiency. Provide leg support for everyday activities, flight, travel and during pregnancy. Contain no chemicals. Odour-free. Manufactured in Europe. Colours are specially designed to cover up veins and any other imperfections of the skin. Composition: polyamide 61%, elastane 39%.
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Compression tights are your best allies to keep your legs healthy and elegant. This very resistant model will be of a great support not only for traveling, but also for your daily activities :

  • Made of CE-certified, non-toxic and non-irritating 61% of polyamide and 39% of elastane,
  • Class 1 beige or black opaque graduated compression tights for women hiding all imperfections,
  • Discreet and comfortable medical tights for women can be worn under all your pants, skirts and dresses,
  • Therapeutic compression tights available in many sizes to perfectly fit your shapes.

To avoid blood clots, cope with the feeling of heavy legs, avoid varicose veins or prevent vein thrombosis, these premium graduated compression tights will help your blood to circulate well in any situation.