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Posture Corrector For Kids and Teenagers [PT0201]

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Light and very easy to put on. Available in different colors and sizes. Gentle on sensitive skin. Non-toxic. Composition: latex 50%, polyester 30%, elastane 15%, polyamid 5%. European quality.
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Nowadays, back problems affect all segments of the population. And as soon as the first symptoms appear, it is necessary to react quickly to stop them. Pain, curvatures that can worsen, breathing difficulties among other things will force you to seek solutions. And among the most effective solutions, don't hesitate to opt for this posture corrector!

  • Available in different sizes,
  • A light posture belt, wearable in discreet ways under all your outfits,
  • Available in beige, white and navy blue colour,
  • Comfortable and ergonomic posture correction brace thanks to the padded strips on the shoulders,
  • Non-toxic CE-certified components even for sensitive skins,
  • Posture correction belt composed of 50% of latex, 30% of polyester, 15% of elastane and 5% of polyamide.

So don't let yourself be bent by the daily routine! For teenagers wearing loaded school bags or those performing physical tasks, this posture corrector is a great support. Take care of your back effectively for a better and older life!