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Posture Brace With Metal Inserts For Additional Support [C-0108-01]

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Two adjustable metallic inserts to correct bending accordingly to individual characteristics. Underarm straps are rounded and padded for comfort. Available in different colors and sizes. Composition: cotton - 37%, acryl - 31%, lycra - 17%, polyester - 15%. European quality.
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Because of our sedentary lifestyles, many of us are afraid of becoming humpy with age. That's why it's important to react quickly while there's still time. Thus, this posture corrector with metal inserts is perfect for people who are hunched over, had back surgery, spend a lot of time sitting or have back problems. Durable, effective and CE-certified, this posture brace with steel stay guarantees optimal effectiveness.

  • Two adjustable metal inserts will adapt to your specific pain or bending,
  • Thick padding of the posture brace for better comfort in accordance with medical recommendations,
  • Narrowing of the bands under the armpits making this posture brace with metal inserts more ergonomic
  • Posture corrector with lower back support composed of velcro fasteners on the chest enabling a perfect fit,
  • Discreet posture corrector available in black, beige and cream colors,
  • Breathing woven straps designed for hygienic and durability reasons,
  • Made with 37% of cotton, 31% of acryl, 17% of lycra and 15% of polyester.

What makes the difference between this posture brace with metal inserts and a standard posture corrector? In addition to high quality materials, efficiency and ergonomy, the metal inserts of this model offer an unparalleled fit. Why hesitate?