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Medical Postpartum Recovery Briefs [Evita 0105]

Pospartum briefs with vertical corset inserts and hook & eye cotton gusset. Designed to support the abdominal wall after childbirth or C-section. Strong support during rehabilitation after various types of abdominal traumas and abdominal surgeries. Corrects body shape, prevents stretching and chapping of the skin (stretch marks). Available in white, beige and black colors. European quality.
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After childbirth, it is not always easy to accept your curves, nor to get rid of them. Indeed, your muscles as well as your tissues are distended letting bulges appear. However, in order for you to still wear your favorite dresses, these medical postpartum recovery briefs are a must-have.

  • Therapeutic postpartum recovery briefs to subtly hide your belly,
  • Helps you recover your abdominal muscles quickly and invisibly,
  • Available in beige, black and white that can be discreetly adapted to your clothes,
  • Highly comfortable briefs can be worn whatever the circumstances and without being disturbed,
  • Vertical corset insert for a better efficiency,
  • CE-certified an tested on humans materials including cotton.

Whether your delivery required a caesarean section or not, you will need to remodel your belly so that it is flat and toned again. To do so, why not use qualitative therapeutic recovery briefs?