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Plus Size Abdominal Binder [C-0103]

Height (short) - 44cm (17.3"). Height (long) - 52 cm (20.5"). Makes it easier to move, reduces the risk of incisional hernia, restrains further enlargement of the existing abdominal hernias. Supports sciatica treatment. Protects joints and relieves pain, supports abdominal muscles and prevents visceral dislocation. European quality.
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If your abdomen is fragile, it would be wise to strengthen it. This plus size abdominal binder has indeed been designed in this state of mind. Tightening your torso like a second skin, it will prevent sciatica, aggravation of your hernias or visceral dislocations.

  • Once pulled up, this plus size binder supports your abdomen and internal organs,
  • Available in various sizes and heights to fit your specific shape,
  • Efficiently soothes your painful back and abdomen,
  • Prevents you from suffering at work,
  • Composed of CE-certified components for a better sustainability,
  • Unisex white plus size abdominal binder suitable for everyone.

If your back is painful, fear sciatica, or want to prevent the enlargement of your hernia, this abdominal binder will surely guarantee you great comfort all day long.