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Plus Size Abdominal Binder With Velcro [PT0103]

Height (short) - 44cm (17.3"). Height (long) - 52 cm (20.5"). Makes it easier to move, reduces the risk of incisional hernia, restrains further enlargement of the existing abdominal hernias. Supports sciatica treatment. Protects joints and relieves pain, supports abdominal muscles and prevents visceral dislocation. European quality.
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If you are prone to abdominal hernias, which can be umbilical, lumbar, or inguinal hernias, do not hesitate to act before having to resort to an operation! This plus size abdominal binder will maintain your internal organs effectively even if you are fleshy or a large torso.

  • Abdominal belt prevents the aggravation of hernias,
  • Relieves back pain and other minor spinal disorders,
  • Plus size abdominal binder ideal to fit your shapes,
  • Abdominal binder adjustable thanks to a velcro strap,
  • Composed of non-irritating and non-toxic CE-certified components,
  • Tested on humans for better comfort and efficiency.

Help your spine straighten effortlessly thanks to this plus size abdominal binder with velcro. Effective means to prevent hernias, pains and sciatica, it is also a very comfortable accessory for your greatest happiness.