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Ostomy Abdominal Support Binder [PT0105]

Reduces the risk of hernia in the area of fistula. Strengthens abdominal muscles while doing physical exercises. Supports and reduces the pain from abdominal. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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If ostomy is far from being easy to live every day, not only because of the pain it generates, but also concerning your social relationships, it is essential to make your life easier with the adapted support. Fortunately, this ostomy abdominal support binder will help you to live more serenely.

  • Comfortable and stretchy abdominal support binder perfect for an everyday use,
  • Nude or white ostomy belt maintains discretely your abdomen under your clothes,
  • Adjustable model thanks to a Velcro band makes correspond the pouch and the area of the fistula,
  • Breathable unisex model composed of CE-certified components,
  • Therapeutic abdominal support binder tested on humans for an improved efficiency,
  • Ideal at home, at work or if you want to practise demanding activities,
  • Suitable for all kinds of skins, and easy to clean.

With this stretchy ostomy binder, you can prevent the herniation of the fistula, and help your abdominal muscles to reform. Do not neglect these essential benefits, which will improve your well-being!