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Organic Cotton Compression Socks, 18-21mmHg, 90 Den, Class 1 [0401 Cotton]

Designed for foot and ankle varicose vein prevention, rehabilitation and treatment. Heavy foot syndrome and oedema treatment. Increase blood flow during a long flight and prevents swelling. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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Poor blood flow to the upper part of the body can have dramatic consequences. And if compression socks are very appreciated to help you in this context, you should choose the most suitable model. Thus, in an ecological context and in respect to sensitive skins, these organic cotton support socks are perfect.

  • Therapeutic socks made to help you face chronic venous insufficiency, oedemas, varicose veins of thrombosis,
  • Increases your blood flow in planes, trains, at work, and of course also at home,
  • CE-certified organic cotton compression socks both durable and comfortable,
  • Thermoregulator Class 1 model thanks to a breathable and stretch 18-21mmHg,
  • 90 deniers medical compression socks,
  • Unisex beige or black socks can be worn whatever the season.

To relieve you with style while respecting the environment and the sensitivity of your skin, do not hesitate to choose these support socks!