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Medical Open Toe Compression Socks, 15-21 MmHg, 90 Den, Class 1 [0408_1]

Help improve circulation & minimize swelling (reduces the risk of DVT, blood clots and varicose veins). Relieve tired, aching legs and feet & reduces muscle fatigue, recommended for early venous insufficiency. Provide lower leg support for everyday activities, in the pre-and post-operative period. Perfect for pregnant ladies and happy mothers. Tighter around ankle and looser as they move up the leg. Contains no chemicals, odour-free, entirely manufactured in Europe. Colours are specially designed to cover up veins and any other imperfections of the skin. Composition: polyamide – 80%, lycra – 20%.
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Wearing support socks can sometimes create complexes, and wearing them in summer is even more difficult. However, in order for you to take care of yourself without dying from heat, why not choose medical open toe compression socks? It is indeed the best solution to promote your blood flow without forgetting your favourite sandals.

  • Breathable open toe model ideal in a surgery context,
  • Non-irritating socks with a 90 deniers strength,
  • Product made in Europe with CE-certified 80% of polyamide and 20% of lycra,
  • Ideal for men and women of all ages,
  • Medical support socks to efficiently and comfortably face venous disorders.

Therapeutic open toe compression socks are perfect not only for pregnant women or travelers, but also in everyday life to fight against heavy legs. If you have varicose veins or want to avoid the formation of dangerous clots, do not hesitate to wear these socks as frequently as you can even with sandals!