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Elastic Medical Neoprene Shorts [0003]

Designed for fixation as well as offer measured compression to muscles. Improve blood circulation, increase the metabolism of deep abdominal and hip tissue, fat, skin, and muscle. Improve the flow of the lymphatic system and improve body contouring for certain types of sports and gymnastics. Support moderate weight loads for excess amounts of abdominal and hip tissue. Availalbe in black and blue colors. Composition: aeroprene - 80%, nylon - 10%, cotton - 10%. European quality.
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To practice your physical activities in the best conditions, these comfortable shorts will help you optimize your performances, weight loss and support.

  • Allow a long-lasting weight loss by boosting your blood circulation during your physical activities,
  • Maintain your internal organs in case of muscle weakness,
  • Elastic medical neoprene shorts with a zipper will compress your belly after pregnancy,
  • Black or blue unisex stretch therapeutic shorts,
  • Breathable neoprene shorts for an absolute comfort at home and when playing sports,
  • Composed of CE-certified non-irritating and non-toxic 80% of aeroprene, 10% of nylon and 10% of cotton.

These breathable and comfortable elastic therapeutic neoprene shorts are top choice when you need support during sports or after operation.