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Medical Grade Compression Socks for Running, 18-21 MmHg [0401 Active]

Designed for greater performance, longer endurance, and faster recovery. Increase blood flow & oxygen level in the muscles and help to remove lactic acid. Reduce fatigue. Legs swelling and aching relief. Recommended for people who lead an active and healthy lifestyle, travel frequently, spend long hours sitting, walking, running or standing. Available in grey, green and pink colors. European quality.
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Sport is essential to stay healthy, but you must also take care of your body to avoid taking risks. Especially when running, it is important to prevent injuiries by wearing socks. Graphic, efficient and comfortable, these medical grade compression socks for running are made for you!

  • Medical compression socks made to promote a good blood flow in your legs and boost your performance,
  • Breathing socks are perfect whatever the season,
  • Splashy pink, green or greys colors for highly colorful activities,
  • A comfortable model suitable for running, biking or training both inside and outside,
  • CE-certified compression socks composed of non-irritating and non-toxic 67% polyamide, 20% of polyamide Skinlife and 13% of elastane.

Very comfortable to practice your favorite activities, these compression socks for running will help you avoid pain, varicose veins, bad venous return and even the formation of blood clots while allowing you to recover faster.