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Medical Compression Socks, 18-21 MmHg, 90 Den, Class 1 [0401NL]

Treatment of chronic venous insufficiency. Prevention of "heavy legs" syndrome and leg swelling, varicose veins with lesions in the foot and shin segment. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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Many of us spin our compression socks because of long nails or rough feet. Thus, to relieve poor blood circulation in a durable way, these medical socks with reinforced ends will be a real support for your legs. Among other features, they have other benefits:

  • Reinforced ends to make it more durable,
  • Comfortable medical compression socks soothe your legs without interfering with your welfare,
  • Ideal to deal with thrombosis, varicose veins, blood clots or painful legs,
  • Opaque beige or black strong therapeutic socks with a breathable 18-21 MmHg matrix,
  • Class 1 unisex socks with good thermal regulation,
  • Soft support band prevents from slipping,
  • CE-certified model respectful of all kinds of skins but also of the environment.

Let’s thus choose the comfort and resistance of this product whether to prevent or cure blood circulation problems! Discreet, comfortable and adaptable to all shapes, you will want to wear these socks on a regular basis.