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Medical Compression Socks, 23-32 MmHg, 120 Den, Class 2 [0401_2]

Help improve circulation & minimize swelling (reduces the risk of DVT, blood clots and varicose veins). Relieve tired, aching legs and feet & reduces muscle fatigue, recommended for early venous insufficiency. Provide lower leg support for everyday activities, in the pre-and post-operative period. Perfect for pregnant ladies and happy mothers. Tighter around ankle and looser as they move up the leg. Contains no chemicals, odour-free, entirely manufactured in Europe. Colours are specially designed to cover up veins and any other imperfections of the skin. Composition: polyamide – 80%, lycra – 20%.
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The stakes of a good blood circulation are numerous. Not only does it allow you to feel light in your legs or perform your daily activities without pain, but it also prevents many future problems. Varicose veins, formation of clots, heaviness, discomfort preventing you from moving, or even thrombosis in the worst case: you should indeed protect yourself from these problems as much as you can. And this is exactly what these strong compression socks aim at.

  • Breathable and comfortable medical socks,
  • Non-irritating, durable and tested on humans,
  • Keep your legs healthy,
  • Suitable for men and women thanks to its unisex opaque black color,
  • Medical compression socks made of CE-certified 80% of polyamide and 20% of lycra,
  • Keep your blood flowing properly whether you're traveling, at work or at home,
  • Rugged reliability with its 120 deniers.

Thanks to these support socks, you will thus be able to feel safe during your travels or your working days. Do not hesitate to opt for these comfortable, resistant and elegant therapeutic compression socks to increase your well-being without constraints!