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Medical Compression Socks, 18-21 MmHg, 90 Den, Class 1 [0401_1]

Help improve circulation & minimize swelling (reduces the risk of DVT, blood clots and varicose veins). Relieve tired, aching legs and feet & reduces muscle fatigue, recommended for early venous insufficiency. Provide lower leg support for everyday activities, in the pre-and post-operative period. Perfect for pregnant ladies and happy mothers. Tighter around ankle and looser as they move up the leg. Contains no chemicals, odour-free, entirely manufactured in Europe. Colours are specially designed to cover up veins and any other imperfections of the skin. Composition: polyamide – 80%, lycra – 20%.
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Everyday activities can quickly become stressful. That's why, if you spend a lot of time immobile, if you plan a long trip or spend your days standing, it's a good idea to take care of the legs. To avoid feeling heaviness, pain, varicose veins or even suffering from a bad blood circulation, qualitative compression socks are a practical and effortless solution.

  • Discreet, comfortable and CE-certified support socks,
  • Can be used by everyone regardless of your gender, age and type of skin,
  • Composed of non-toxic materials – 80% of polyamide and 20% of lycra,
  • Promotes blood circulation in your legs whatever the contexts,
  • Opaque beige color appears as a second skin and hides all your imperfections,
  • Durable medical compression socks, conform to health, safety and environmental European standards,
  • Extremely strong thanks to its 90 deniers.

Whether for everyday use or very specific occasions, these medical socks are therefore perfect. Not only pleasant to wear, but also discreet, you can use them in all your shoes and match them to all your outfits.