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Medical Grade Angora and Merino Kidney & Lower Back Warmer [9509-AM]

Prevents back from draughts during the cold winter season. Great for builders and outside workers who work on building sites and require warm protection for their backs and kidneys. Composition: cotton - 52%, mixed wool - 35%, latex - 7%, polyether - 6%. European quality.a
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Aren't you tired of always having a sore back, preventing you from living life to the fullest? Perhaps you have already been recommended surgery or exercise to soothe you, but you may be looking for an alternative solution. Fortunately, this medical grade angora and merino kidney back warmer is ideal to relieve yourself efficiently, effortlessly and without wasting time. Based on the principle of heat, it is a natural belt, which will safely support you.

  • Ideal if you are suffering from lumbosacral radiculitis and radiculopathies, sciatica, lumbago, uncomplicated disc hernias, other kidney issues, intervertebral osteochondrosis or if you simply feel pain in your lower back,
  • Increases your comfort during your sleep,
  • White unisex medical kidney warmer, to wear under all types of clothes,
  • Efficiently prevents draughts by warming you in the middle of winter,
  • Made of CE-certified 52% of cotton, 35% of mixed wool, 7% of latex and 6% of polyether, non irritating and respectful of sensitive skins,
  • Durable and comfortable angora and merino kidney warmer.

If you want to kill two birds with one stone, soothing your back with natural materials, then this pleasant angora and merino warmer will quickly become your greatest ally. Do not feel kidney pain anymore and enjoy your life!