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Medical Calf Compression Sleeves [0408-01]

Enhance blood circulation for faster recovery. Running pain and shin splints relief. Designed to comfortably hug your calves and never feel snug. Available in grey, green, pink and yellow colors. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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It is essential for your calves to remain in good health so as to avoid strains and be able to enjoy your favourite activities to the fullest. Therefore, both graphic and effective, these medical calf compression sleeves will offer you many advantages during your sports practise or your daily activities.

  • Comfortable medical calf sleeves can be worn under your pants without being disturbed,
  • Compression sleeves enable a good oxygenation of the muscles, and thus an improvement of your performance,
  • Prevent pain and muscle fatigue,
  • Reduce the periostitis risks,
  • Available in many sizes and colors (green, yellow, grey and pink),
  • CE-certified 67% polyamide, 20% of polyamide Skinlife and 13% of elastane.

If you like sports, you need to protect your calves as well as possible. And to do so, you must make sure of having a good venous return, avoiding varicose veins, heaviness and pain. Choose these therapeutic compression sleeves to increase your endurance in complete safety.