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Lumbar Brace For Lower Back Pain [0012-01]

Contains crossed inserts that help to maintain a strong grip over the waist providing an effective lower back ache relief. Alleviates pain in all areas of your back. Prevents lower back from injury during sport activities. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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Working on a computer, carrying heavy loads, playing sports or being static for too long are a few of various causes of back pains. And it's important to relieve yourself not to let it get worse. If working out or undergoing a surgery are solutions, the use of a lumbar brace for lower back pain should not be neglected. Efficient and comfortable, it offers many advantages:

  • Relieves you if you suffer from lower back pain,
  • Adjustable thanks to Velcro straps,
  • Prevents you from injuring yourself while playing sports,
  • Medical lumber brace for lower back pain suitable before or after back surgery,
  • Made of CE-certified components respectful of all kinds of skins and easy to wash,
  • Manufactured in accordance with health, safety and environmental European standards.

This durable and high quality therapeutic lumbar brace will help you avoid suffering if you put your body to the test or need support during your activities.