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Kyphosis Back Brace [0107]

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Gentle on sensitive skin. Non-toxic. Available in beige color and different sizes. Composition: polyester - 60%, latex - 40%. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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Kyphosis is a spinal tilt problem. Instead of varying between 20 and 45 degrees, in this case it exceeds 50 degrees. And that's bad for your health. If back pain is a major consequence among the most deplorable, we can note a decrease in your respiratory capacity. With poor postural reflexes and in the absence of exercise, this situation can quickly worsen and affect your daily life. So take the right measures by choosing this kyphosis back brace!

  • A medically recommended kyphosis correction brace to soothe your back pains and effectively straighten your spine,
  • Adjustable beige kyphosis posture brace will comfortably fit your shapes,
  • Non-toxic product, respectful of sensitive skin,
  • Composed of 60% of polyester and 40% of latex,
  • A kyphosis posture corrector conform to health, safety and environmental European standards.

This kyphosis correction strap is therefore effective both to help you straighten up and prevent your curvature from becoming more pronounced. Ideal on a daily basis, in the professional sphere as well as during your outings, this discreet posture belt is a real relief.