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Inguinal Hernia Support Briefs For Women [PT0112]

Natural, hypo-allergenic and breathable materials. Lightweight and breathable. 100% soft cotton. Recommended after surgery on extensive inguinal or femoral hernias. Relieves abdominal pain radiating to the groin, protects against the hernial sac protrusion during physical effort, prevents hernia in the case of very wide inguinal canals. Highly recommended for patients with contraindications for surgical treatment. European quality.
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If it is essential to protect yourself effectively in case of inguinal hernia, it is even better to be able to do so discreetly. And it is exactly to support your organs without disturbing you that these inguinal hernia support briefs were designed. Light, comfortable and efficient, they are indeed an everyday ally.

  • Comfortable hernia briefs for women,
  • Medical underwear composed of CE-certified 100% soft cotton, also suitable for sensitive skin,
  • Approved by doctors and tested on humans,
  • Hypo-allergenic and breathable model ideal for an everyday use,
  • Stretch inguinal hernia support briefs suitable for every women’s shape,
  • Removable foam pads provides effective support,
  • Easily washable beige model.

To prevent your hernia from worsening and reduce your pain, these stretch inguinal hernia briefs are perfect. You will be able to wear this model every day like a classic panty under your favorite pants, dresses and skirts.