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Inguinal Hernia Support Briefs For Men [PT0111]

Natural, hypo-allergenic and breathable materials. Lightweight and breathable. 100% soft cotton. Recommended after surgery on extensive inguinal or femoral hernias, acute orchitis or epididymitis, swelling of testicles or epididymis, after surgery or puncture of hydrocele testis. Relieves abdominal pain radiating to the groin, protects against the hernial sac protrusion during physical effort, prevents hernia in the case of very wide inguinal canals. Highly recommended for patients with contraindications for surgical treatment. European quality.
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If you dont want your internal organs to become external, these inguinal hernia support briefs will provide you an optimal support and an absolute comfort. Do not fear the pain of your hernia anymore, but live again serenely! Composed of highly qualitative cotton, you will have the opportunity to wear these briefs daily as a classic underwear.

  • Adapted for daily use thanks to a breathable beige cotton composition,
  • CE-certified, non-toxic and non-irritable materials made to increase your daily comfort in summer like in winter,
  • Light, comfortable and soft inguinal hernia support briefs you can wear not only in a surgery context, but also during your favorite activities,
  • Composed of flexible front pads to provide you with strong support,
  • Elastic hernia support for men ideal to fit all kinds of shapes.

Daily pain is a real burden. So if you can relieve yourself while preventing the risk of inguinal hernia aggravation, opting for a qualitative support is essential. Thus, do not hesitate and opt for these inguinal hernia support briefs for men!