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Inguinal Hernia Support Belt For Men [0511]

Top quality inguinal hernia support belt. Made in Europe. Adaptive removable silicone inserts provide gentle and gradual pressure on left, right or double-sided hernia. Suitable for pre and post-operative care and pain relief. Contains no chemicals, odor-free. Composition: polyester - 50%, latex - 40%, cotton - 8%, polyamide - 2%.
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Inguinal hernias are not only painful, but also dangerous. So if you are prone to this kind of issues, you should properly protect yourself from any aggravation. To do so, this inguinal hernia support belt will effectively relieve you whether your hernia is located on the left or on the right side. Before or after surgery, or even in an early development stage, you can easily use it.

  • In order for you to be able to sit, stand, walk or drive without pain, this inguinal hernia truss for men will hold your internal organs securely in place.
  • Discreet black therapeutic inguinal hernia support belt can invisibly be worn under your pants,
  • Adjustable thanks to removable silicone inserts,
  • Made of qualitative CE-certified 50% of polyester, 40% of latex, 8% of cotton and 2% of polyamide.
  • Odor-free, chemical-free and non-toxic groin hernia belt.

Whether you want to alleviate your pain or protect yourself before or after surgery, this comfortable inguinal hernia truss for men with adjustable silicone inserts will provide you a support adapted to your specific needs.