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Medical Flight Compression Socks, 15-21 MmHg [Travel]

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Lower leg support for everyday activities, long flights, travel and during pregnancy and postpartum. Tired, aching legs and feet relief & reduced muscle fatigue. Improved circulation & minimized swelling; reduced risk of DVT, blood clots and varicose veins. Contains no chemicals, odour-free. Colours are specially designed to cover up veins and any other imperfections of the skin. European quality.
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If you are planning a long trip, remember to wear your therapeutic socks. They are essential and will help you avoid the worst, especially thrombosis. So, whether you're flying, travelling by train or car, these medical flight compression socks will relieve your legs by stimulating your blood circulation. Strategic for men and women of all ages!

  • Comfortable medical flight support socks for men and women,
  • Enable to travel without suffering from blood clots, leg pain or thrombosis,
  • Available in many sizes and colors according to your style and shoes,
  • Non-toxic and CE-certified components,
  • High quality air travel compression socks,
  • Durable model, conform to health, safety and environmental European standards,

We know that travels are not the best friends of our legs. And that's why these flying compression socks are essential. By ensuring the good circulation of your blood, they will allow you to feel good wherever you go, and keep you healthy. With these medical plane socks, the anguish of phlebitis or pulmonary embolisms can disappear leaving the door open for serenity.