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Elastic Wrist Support Band [0306] - 2 Units

Strengthens the ligament system of the wrist. Alleviates pain and reduces swelling. Prevents injuries and overstressing of the wrist joint. 2 pieces in packaging. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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You badly need your wrists whether you're writing, working, cooking, carrying loads or even driving. So if you play sports or have been injured, don't hesitate to protect yourself with these elastic wrist support bands.

  • Comfortable, light and breathable elastic wrist support bands,
  • Stretch wrist holders can help you with workout, handball, volleyball, squash, tennis and even hockey,
  • 2 white design wrist support bands mixing efficiency and elegance,
  • Composed of non-irritating and non-toxic CE-certified products,
  • Do not hesitate to use it during your activities whether you have already had strains or not.

Let’s practice your favorite sports safely while keeping your wrists warm thanks to these elastic wrist support bands.