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Elastic Medical Back Warmer Belt [9509]

Can be used for the prevention and treatment of lumbosacral radiculitis and radiculopathies, degenerative disk disease and lumbago, speed up the recovery process after injuries and operations on the lumbosacral spine. Suitable for compressive therapy of chronic fatigue syndrome. Composition: cotton - 43%, semi-wool - 43%, polyester - 5 %, latex - 9%. European quality.
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To support you in all your activities and maintain your back effectively, this lumbar heating and elastic belt is very practical. Comfortable and pleasant to wear, it will protect you from all types of lower back pains.

  • Grey insulated therapeutic back warmer belt,
  • Unisex elastic medical back warmer belt suitable for all kinds of shapes,
  • Composed of European quality 43% of cotton, 43% of semi-wool, 9% of latex and 5% of polyester,
  • Non-toxic and non-irritating materials mixed for a thermoregulatory and comfortable effect,
  • Reduces chronic fatigue syndrome and helps you deal with degenerative disk disease, lumbosacral radiculitis and radiculopathies as well as sciatica and lumbago.

Allowing an ideal compression of your spine, this belt is a real relief. Whether you spend your days standing, carrying loads or suffering from back pain, you will soon be able to feel soothed effortlessly!