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CE Marked – Graduated Compression Stocking with Suspender Belt, Class 1. BeFit24 0475

Pre-ordered items are due to be delivered within 14-21 days from the purchase date, as "pre-order" products are manufactured upon order.

Compression tights recommended for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins (primary and secondary varicose veins, supportive treatment of vein hardening, after vein surgical procedures) thromboembolism, also condition after healed phlebitis, deep venous thrombosis of legs, post-thrombotic condition, post-thrombotic syndrome, antithrombotic prophylaxis in ambulant patients) chronic venous insufficiency, oedema etc. Composition: Polyamide 61%, Elastane 39%.

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Putting the product on: Medical compression products should be put on in a different way than ordinary hosiery. You are advised to put them on in the morning, after a night’s sleep, before getting up, in horizontal position or just after getting up. Follow the below instructions:

− Do not pull the product up the leg but carefully gather the whole length of material into the hand. In case of stockings do not pull the seam of the elastic silicon band directly.

− Put on starting from the toes towards the ankle, spreading it steadily on the foot.

− Place the heel carefully and adequately.

− Pull up to the knee-high, spread it carefully on the calf, loosening the strain resulting from putting the hosiery on. Smooth all the folds by palm.

− Pull up to the full length of legs.

− In case of tights put them on in the way described above, firstly onto one leg, secondly onto the other and stretch the full length of leg.

Storage: In the original package, in room temperature and in a dry and dark place.

Care and maintenance instruction: Compression products should be washed every day after using. It is advisable to wash separately or at least with cloth in similar colours. Avoid direct insolation.