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Compression Stockings For Women And Men, MmHg 18-21 MmHg, 90 Den. BeFit24 0402NL


For the treatment of chronic venous insufficiency: for the prevention of “heavy legs” syndrome and leg swelling, as well as in case of varicose veins with lesions in the foot and shin segment. Composition of raw materials: Polyamide – 80%, lycra – 20%

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• SWOLLEN LEGS, ANKLES, KNEE AND FEET PAIN RELIEF: your legs, calves or feet are getting puffy and swollen during or after pregnancy or from standing and walking for a long time? Put these thigh high stockings on and notice significant swelling reduction from day one. Helps with bad circulation, leg soreness and tightness. No more muscle fatigue, aching, swelling or discomfort even after going out all day walking. It's possible to have 'normal' legs!

• MEDICAL CONDITION, POST SURGERY & INJURY SUPPORT: were you so unlucky to get leg injury? Or did you just have a sclerotherapy treatment? Lymphoedema in both legs? Oedema? Phlebitis? If yes, then you just found the solution you have been looking for! Befit24 surgical stockings, designed to remove excess fluids through specially designed compression, does not only offer support for above mentioned situations but also do wonders for its owners where they even drop a dress size.

• MAKE LEGS LOOK SLIMMER: don't feel confident enough to put a dress or skirt on? Not anymore! This breathable leg shaper is figure-hugging and comfortable to wear. No tugging, no sagging, no discomfort, and not overly warm. Feels gentle on the skin and prevents irritation or itching. It will instantly give you a slim look! Put these on to gain confidence and dress the way you want and not the way you have to!

• TOP QUALITY: these graduated compression stockings are made in Europe with modern equipment and quality and durable materials (polyamide - 80% and lycra - 20%) unlike similar pressure stockings and much other clothing and hosiery for ladies. Along with 5-year warranty and available promotions (see above below the price), you can't afford to buy this awesome, high-quality product.