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Body Shaping Panties. BeFit24 Sabina 9907-01

Medical elastic briefs are intended to be used to support stomach, correct body shape after childbirth; they make your silhouette look significantly slimmer during everyday use. Composition: Polyamide – 84%, elastane – 16%.


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Treatment of various illnesses: restoration of the muscle tonus of the lower part of stomach after childbirth and fixation of the waistline.

Before and after surgeries: for faster rehabilitation after injuries and abdominal surgeries, fixation of the surgical stitches after C-section.

For preventive measures: correcting of the body shape, preventing of the stretching and chapping of the skin (stretch marks), restoring firmness of the stomach after childbirth, as well as promoting faster regaining and maintaining of the physiologically correct body posture.

How to use: it is recommended to put the briefs on while laying down. Select the size accordingly to the size of hips and waist in compliance with the size table. During wearing, the garment should fit close to the body without limiting movements. Any, even the slightest discomfort, indicate that size is selected incorrectly. Please consult the doctor, if you have a feeling of discomfort when wearing a suitable size. Period of use of the product – 5 years.

Contraindications: individual incompatibility with any components of the product ingredients, various severe skin conditions.

Sanitary hygienic use: hand wash briefs with the mild soap and water in temperature from + 30°С to + 40°C; do not bleach. Do not twist and dry in the washing machine. Please press the garment carefully without wringing and lay flat to dry. It can be ironed not exceeding the maximum allowable ironing temperature – 110°C.

Storage: store garments in the dry, clean and well-ventilated premises. Package: 1 piece.