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Posture Brace With Metal Inserts For Additional Support [0108]

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Two adjustable metallic inserts to correct bending accordingly to individual characteristics. Available in beige and white colors. Composition: polyester - 30%, polyurethane foam - 25%, latex - 20%, cotton - 15%, nylon - 10%. European quality.
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Good posture is not just a matter of appearance. More pernicious, several less visible ailments can indeed result from it ranging from pain to respiratory problems as well as difficulties in carrying out your daily tasks. Moreover, spinal problems that are not followed up can quickly deteriorate, which must be avoided at all costs. In this context, a posture corrector with metal inserts should be considered. Indeed, its advantages and characteristics are numerous.

  • Straightens your spine efficiently and effortlessly,
  • This confortable posture brace with steel stay can be worn whatever the circumstances,
  • The metal inserts will straighten your spine according to your specific needs and won't move over time,
  • In addition to being efficient, this posture brace is light and comfortable, and can be worn invisibly under all your clothes,
  • This posture corrector is made with CE-certified materials and suitable for sensitive skin,
  • The posture rectifier with metal inserts composed of 30% of polyester, 25% of polyurethane foam, 20% of latex, 15% of cotton and 10% of nylon.

Protect your back as soon as possible to avoid the dramatic consequences that could occur! With this posture belt, revolutionize your daily life without effort or inconvenience.