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Posture Brace With Metal Inserts For Additional Support [0108-01]

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Two adjustable metallic inserts to correct bending accordingly to individual characteristics. Underarm straps are rounded and padded for comfort. Available in beige color. Composition: polyamide - 63%, latex - 27%, polyurethane foam - 9%, cotton - 1%. European quality.
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There are many different posture correctors and it is not always easy to find the model made for you. So for the most important curvatures, or for maximum straightening, this posture corrector with metal inserts is ideal. Its Y-shape, which effectively pulls the back backwards, is very much appreciated. In addition, metal inserts are able to change the curvature of your spine over time.

  • A posture brace with steel stay ensuring a flawless fit,
  • Wide, breathing and adjustable straps for all types of shapes,
  • Comfortable posture corrector with metal inserts for feeling as pleasant as if you had a second skin,
  • Made with 63% of polyamide, 27% of latex, 9% of polyurethane foam and 1% of cotton,
  • CE-certified composition, designed both for men and women, and respectful of sensitive skins.

Having a large breast, carrying heavy backpacks, lifting heavy loads or spending the biggest part of the day sitting are causes of poor posture and back pain. And the consequences are many, both in terms of pain and discomfort. It is thus time to choose this posture brace with metal inserts before it is too late. After having adjusted the metal inserts once, you will be able to wear it every day to recover the back of your youth!