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Arm Sling [0204]

Support for plaster cast, after removing the plaster cast, during rehabilitation. Support for fractured forearm bone or dislocated elbow joint. Comfortable and lightweight. CE-certified indicating conformity with health, safety, and environmental protection standards in Europe.
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If you are suffering from a fracture or dislocation, keep your arm comfortably immobilized to heal as quickly as possible!

  • Comfortable support from the beginning to the end of your recovery process,
  • An adjustable medical arm sling thanks to a Velcro strap,
  • Helps you keep your arm immobile,
  • Strong strap and durable materials effectively maintain your plaster cast,
  • CE-certified and tested on humans unisex arm splint,
  • An easily washable navy blue sling.

So let this sling accompany you everywhere enabling you to recover from your fractures. You will be able to use it whatever the season and no matter the clothes you are wearing.